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ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services QuickStart Tutorial

Welcome to the ASP.NET Web Services QuickStart Tutorial

The ASP.NET Web Services QuickStart is a series of client and server samples along with supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint developers with features in ASP.NET Web Services. The QuickStart samples are designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of these features. By the time you finish reviewing these samples, you will be familiar with the major feature areas in ASP.NET Web Services.

We hope you find great benefit in the new ASP.NET Web Services features! These include the following samples: TypeSharing, RADAsync, BPConformance, ChooseProtocol. Please send your feedback to wssample@microsoft.com.

-- The Microsoft ASP.NET Web Services Team

Microsoft .NET Framework SDK QuickStart Tutorials Version 2.0
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