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How Do I...Use different text encodings?

This sample illustrates how to use multiple encoding formats available from the System.Text namespace. A StreamWriter object is created and passed a Stream object along with an Encoding object from the System.Text namespace. Once created, any output method calls on the StreamWriter object will be written in the specified encoding.

FileStream fs = new FileStream("text.txt", FileMode.OpenOrCreate);
StreamWriter t = new StreamWriter (fs, Encoding.UTF8);
t.Write("This is in UTF8");

A StreamReader object is used to read text in a given encoding and is constructed in the same manner as a StreamWriter object.

FileStream fs = new FileStream("text.txt", FileMode.Open);
StreamReader t = new StreamReader(fs, Encoding.UTF8);
String s = t.ReadLine();

The following example illustrates creating StreamWriter objects of different encodings and using each object to write to a text file.


VB Encoding.exe
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