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How Do I...Use the CultureInfo and RegionInfo classes?

The CultureInfo and RegionInfo classes are exported from the System.Globalization namespace. CultureInfo contains a culture's DisplayName, Calendar, and various official abbreviations.

CultureInfo c = new CultureInfo("en-us");
Console.WriteLine ("The CultureInfo is set to: {0}", c.DisplayName);
Console.WriteLine ("The parent culture is: {0}", c.Parent.DisplayName);
Console.WriteLine ("The three letter ISO language name is: {0}", c.ThreeLetterISOLanguageName);
Console.WriteLine ("The default calendar for this culture is: {0}\n\n", c.Calendar.ToString());

RegionInfo contains information for a given region including DisplayName, currency information, and official abbreviations. RegionInfo also contains a static property to retreive the CurrentRegion.

RegionInfo r = new RegionInfo("us");
Console.WriteLine ("The name of this region is: {0}", r.Name);
Console.WriteLine ("The currency symbol for the region is: {0}", r.CurrencySymbol);
Console.WriteLine ("Is this region metric : {0} \n\n", r.IsMetric);


VB CultureRegion.exe
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