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How Do I...Infer an XML Schema?

This sample illustrates how to infer an XML schema from a given XML document using the XmlSchemaInference class. An XmlSchemaInference object is used to infer an XML schema from a given XML document, and adds the inferred schema to an XmlSchemaSet object. The inferred schema is further refined using schemas inferred from additional XML documents.

VB XmlSchemaInference.exe
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[This sample can be found at C:\DevFusion.Data\legacy\quickstart.developerfusion.co.uk\QuickStart\howto\samples\Xml\XmlSchemaInference\]

The following code creates the XmlSchemaInference and XmlSchemaSet objects.

XmlSchemaInference infer = new XmlSchemaInference();
XmlSchemaSet sc = new XmlSchemaSet();

The following code infers an XML schema from an XML document.

sc = infer.InferSchema(new XmlTextReader("sample.xml"));

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