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How Do I...? Common Tasks QuickStart Tutorial

How Do I...Make a POST request?

This sample illustrates how to use the WebRequest and WebResponse classes to make a POST request on a URI.

This sample is similar to a simple WebRequest with a GET verb. The are two differences here:

1) The verb needs to be changed to be POST.

2) The form information needs to be encoded and sent up the stream.

To change the verb, simply set the Method property to "POST".

You must then set the ContentType property to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded". At this point, make sure that the string you supply is encoded correctly, and everything will be POSTed correctly.

When you're done with the response stream you must make sure to call the Close method of the WebResponse object to avoid leaking valuable system resources.


VB ClientPOST.exe
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