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ASP.NET 2.0 Quickstart Tutorials


The BulletedList control is used to create a list of items formatted with bullets. To specify the individual list items that you want to appear in a BulletedList control, place a ListItem object for each entry between the opening and closing tags of the BulletedList control.

List with circle bullet style

To display a set of items as a list and decorate it with bullets. Uses the BulletedList control provided by ASP.NET and set the BulletedList.BulletSyle property to decorate the list.

VB BulletedList1.aspx
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List of hyperlinks

A developer needs to add a list of links to his/her page; he/she finds that if he/she creates a HyperLink control per link this will be time intensive and hard to maintain. Instead, he/she takes advantage of the BulletedList and sets the BulletedListDisplayMode property to BulletedListDisplayMode.HyperLink. He/she defines the Url for navigation by setting the value property of the ListItem. In addition, since he/she is using the BulletedList control, he/she improves the presentation of it by defining the BulletStyle or the BullletImageUrl.

VB BulletedList2.aspx
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